Monday, March 25, 2013

How to cope with life in good health on your side

The food you eat to make Your brain function in a certain way. Is a term in computer language "garbage in garbage out" (GIGO). If you eat yourself with bad food, and that your ideas will be equally good eating habits lead to a life that is full of vitality and ideas that will help you meet the best assignments.

In Hindu texts, reference 3 types of food:


Satvik food is delicious and good for your body and brain. Consists of things such as green leafy vegetables, and fruit juice (crush, rather than canned) etc. This changed the nature of food, in the sense that it is more at peace with himself, mentally active and full of goodness.

On the other hand, ragasik hot meals. Like a lot of pepper, salt etc. The passionate our nature. Passionate not only aggressive but also in anger, greed and lust etc. Food is the fuel our questions we are looking for. What kind of food is also not good digestion.

Tamasik foods means essentially what gear, Sting etc. It can be left up, food that has expired, and therefore should not be eaten. Basically the type of intake makes us lazy and sleepy. The food can become a danger all over. We tend to be a dreamer. And then always regret, it might cause us a lot of dissatisfaction.

Depends on what we eat, our moods affect us. The above types of food that brings us directly to nature that we can imagine on a daily basis. A mix of all this will lead to a mixture of ideas. You may see someone who acted very nice (satvik) and at the next moment gets angry (ragasik), or simply avoid liability. (Tamasik)

Just have to realise, is a genetic predisposition. They can even change through customs. And then you can be someone who was born with the satvik ragasik (because his father gene in a past life karma) at this age, too, where his ...

There is one type of disposition, which is primarily from the nature of the other. For this purpose we have tot beyond our minds. Of this nature is not the satvik, but above all in the sense that the Act does not produce karma. These people live through instinct. There was no thought process. It's beyond happiness and sadness. More is not difficult. Requires practice, but trying to be the satvik will lead us to it. (Maybe more)