Thursday, January 24, 2013

On the health of Your teeth in-game sports

In some sports, injuries are preventable incidents carefully and accurately. But in other sports, the maligned as "contact sport" celebrates, getting injured and recovering from injuries not only inevitable-they are part of the game. All sports, but what separates the sport dangerously quiet sports counterparts, which cause pain and injuries (and receive) tactics to achieve victory.
If you are an athlete in sports such as martial arts or football or hockey or Lacrosse, you should be aware of the risks and prevention and recovery options for physical contact with regards to serious dental health.

Largely ignored in contact sports as attention, dental health during and after the match and more than just a cosmetic problem. Ironically, this is because aesthetic appeal when the left landing gear healthy preoccupation with less attention, and cowardly. Between boxers and hockey player, who is not intimidated by the Maven log onto the scene with a mouth full of gaps and cracked teeth-Declaration of durability?

At least between Boxer, a long tradition that fighters with the face of aunskarid to be a good student or as a coward, and stains that can harm serious tactical mentioned above "pretty boys" when the time comes to fight. However, what a fighter or a player in sports does not have the power of intimidation with a head full of teeth, they can participate in the physical performance and stability.

Considering this, non-administrators protect the jaw and teeth can cause disorder known as TMJ. The key cause of TMJ jaw and narrow muscle movement. TMJ in the ring and in the field, can undermine the ability of an athlete to speak and breathe through your mouth. For the Boxer, an inability to breathe properly can spell death for the game, Whether teeth chipped ahead of the fear of their opponents.

As an athlete I believe victory You for Your strength ability rather than hoping for a failure by the opponent. Dental hygiene can be ensured by following the safety rules first made when you begin your sport: wear a mouth guard and protect your head and not grinding or clenching of teeth. Contrary to the expectations of every athlete, but relieve muscle tension in your face (not a raise and praise of the facial muscles) is the key to prevent getting hit the jaw fracture or interference.

Contact sports are made to test the athletic dedication, Valor and hardiness. Stay in the game longer and played well through the knowledge of risks and methods of prevention. Battle of neglect, you can put yourself in a better position to win and continue their dominance in the sport of your choice.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The face healthy, healthy skin-7 factors for pimples and acne with Chinese medicine

Annoying skin problems can range from excruciating symptoms like acne and acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin pallid skin of Salou. There are some basic principles that we follow to heal skin problems such as acne and acne and eczema and psoriasis in Chinese medicine. Regardless of what type of skin can become our problem may be very uncomfortable and humiliating if the impact in our face. For the long term health of the skin and facial areas require multiple approaches. Do not get tempted by quick fix for acne, pimples and other skin problems that You read about on the Internet--particularly topical creams that You put on your face and skin. Probably simple, but usually they are not sufficiently effective for the health of the skin and face.

There are seven key factors that need to be addressed in the health problem of facial skin. "Chinese medicine" the skin attached to the large intestine and lungs even "good" Chinese medicine practitioners should always begin in the treatment of skin problems such as acne and acne and eczema and psoriasis through the digestive process.

1. treat gut problems and leaky gut parasites even in facial and skin care with a "Chinese medicine". This approach is not well known or widely used in traditional treatments or the West. Traditional treatments are mostly focused on topical skin care and facial skin creams, antibiotics and steroids, which of course affect digestion and kill good bacteria can make the worst pimples and acne. When bad digestion even worse facial and skin tight one and becomes a vicious cycle, and frustrating even embarrassing. Improve your digestion is an important step in improving the health of facial skin and reduce acne, pimples and other skin problems.

2. improve your diet: a simple first step determines whether yin or Yang. Much has been written about the diet for acne, pimples and other skin problems, for example, avoid fatty foods and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, go on a diet Detox, but in "Chinese medicine" we are much more specific. We hold the General principles are the same but why is it important to determine whether yin or? Because then you can be more aware of the foods that are right for you, be more effective in reducing acne and pimples and other skin diseases. If you Are more than, for example, you want to avoid spicy foods as they will aggravate the heat feature already exists in your body to make the skin from Acne or pimples. If you are yin may want to avoid a cold or moist foods that contribute to the various problems in the skin and face.

3. reduce heat toxins: "Chinese medicine", there are various forms of heat, such as heat, and heat in the stomach or lungs, blood heat heat and humidity. Can cause various types of heat in different types of skin problems and face.

4. healthy breathing: oxygen in the blood, improves circulation and lymph and help the body and the face and the skin eliminate toxins as it can reduce the symptoms of acne and acne, psoriasis and eczema. Tai Chi and Chi Kung, yoga breathing, purge-these are all good ways to improve blood circulation in your skin, help your body Detox impurities from the skin, getting the heat toxins out, acne and pimples on the skin.

5. avoid toxic products from the skin: it can contribute to heat toxins in the body and skin and contribute to Acne and pimples on the skin. Even in "organic" products that you can find on petrochemicals and preservatives are not just superficial skin irritation but also get absorbed through the skin into the body. So read the labels and be a smart skin care. For example avoid methyl paraben and petroleum jelly, webrobail, excessive use of skin creams that may have oil base. Household chemicals and gardens, you can also create hot products household toxins that affect the health of your skin.